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About Us

Vision: Toward empowering health and beauty. 

Mission: Arming to produce and import products with high quality as Japan Standard. Continue to provide the No. 1 eyes drop product in Cambodia and continually strengthen skincare to be No. 1 as well. However, we are going to enhance our distribution to all channels nationwide. 

We have our headquartered in Osaka Japan and Rohto product also are selling  with more 100 countries around the world. ROHTO was founded in 22nd Feb 1899 and has continually challenged new business for 124 years up to now. In Cambodia we have a long history over​ 20 years take care Cambodian people and we are No.1 eyes drop in Cambodia as well.



Main Business Contents:

Manufacture and sale of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics product

Establish: on 06th June 2013 (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

Capital:  4,200,000 USD (as of the fiscal year)

Employee: 84 

Rohto Factory​ address: Royal Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone, Road No.4,

Lot No. P2-095, Sangkat Boengthom, Khan Kambo, Phnom Penh City, Cambodia.

Rohto Head Office​ address: Prince Tower, 12nd Floor,

No. 445-232/93 ( Monivong Blvd), Phnom Penh, Cambodia


CEO Message 

* Mr. Masaya Saito

I’m delighted to be here today to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Rohto Mentholatum Cambodia Company with all of you. On behalf of the Rohto Mentholatum Group, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Cambodian and Japanese governments for their support of our Cambodian business over the past 10 years, to our business partners who have supported our manufacturing and sales activities in Cambodia, to our many Cambodian customers who buy our products, and to everyone, including our employees who have been promoting our business activities, for their support and kindness. 

Rohto Pharmaceutical Company was founded in Japan in 1899, and this year marks the company's 124th anniversary. We began by manufacturing and selling gastrointestinal medicine and eye drops, and in 1975, we began selling Mentholatum, a topical medicine. Since then, we have further expanded into cosmetics and skincare products, developing our global operations.

We currently have 46 overseas subsidiaries and sell Rohto-Mentholatum products in more than 100 countries.

Our eye drops are the No1 OTC eye drops in the world, sales of our skincare products have grown to account for 70% of the group's total sales, and in recent years we have expanded into new healthcare fields such as functional foods and regenerative medicine. With “Connect for Well-being” as our vision, our goal is to realize a society in which everyone around the world can live healthy and happy lives by using our products and services.

Here in Cambodia, for which I was responsible for once, we have been actively developing business activities intertwined with Cambodian society, beginning with surveys in 1996, the launch of V Rohto eye drops in 2000, the establishment of a local subsidiary, Rohto Mentholatum Cambodia Company in 2013, the start of production at our factory in 2014. By connecting the cutting-edge expertise of the Rohto Mentholatum Group with excellent Cambodian local resources such as MISOTA, we plan to continue growing our business in Cambodia for many years to come and contribute to the improvement of the health of Cambodians. We look forward to your continued support and guidance.


Managing Director Message 

* Mr. Shunsuke Shinoda

Good evening everybody !

Welcome to our 10th year anniversary event.

On behalf of Rohto-Mentholatum Cambodia, I’d like to deliver our sincere gratitude for all of you here to participate our memorable ceremony.

I would have liked to say thank you very much for everybody with each name here, but please allow me not to do so due to time limitation.

Today is our special night to look back our 10 years journey and commit for our next 10 years roadmap with you.

Our slogan on this ceremony is “We grow, We share”.

This slogan is proposed by Mr. Chhayheang who is the one to start our business with me since the beginning at Cambodia and currently Vice President of Rohto-Mentholatum Cambodia.

This is suitable slogan to cerebrate this anniversary because our commitment is to “grow” with peoples at Cambodia, also “share and return” our achievements to local society forever.

All the success is from peoples, we are not working for money, we are working to grow with peoples and share in society.

There are many events during this 10 years journey, sometimes was sunny, but sometimes was rainy.

There are many difficulties, but we could overcome and grow, it’s thanks to all of you.

Unless your kind support, we can not cerebrate this moment.

You are our be loved family and I’m very happy to spend this moment with you.

Lastly, I wish everybody’s good health, great happiness and the best of luck !

Please enjoy tonight and hope to see you all at our 20th years anniversary !

Thank you very much.

Rohto's Seven Pledge


  1. We work wholeheartedly to support society, and to help create a better world. 
  2. To this end, we are resolved to learn with humility and strive continuously toward self-improvement. 
  3. We place the highest importance on earning the trust and respect of our colleagues and our external business partners. 
  4. We take pride in our corporate culture that fosters lofty ideals, stirs passionate debate, and generates energetic actions. 
  5. We delight in constantly challenging each other to create waves of happy surprises for our customers worldwide. 
  6. Our people are our greatest asset. Our hard-working culture, the spirit of close cooperation, determination, passion, and leadership provide the fuel that drives the company. 
  7. We firmly pledge to serve the people, the society, and the environment, and are thankful for our meaningful existence.